Ruth Reinhold Award Presented by APA's Jimm Timm to 

the Late and GreatTerry Brandt,

ASAG Member, FAA Safety Team Lead Representative, Leader of Arizona Flight Training Working Group and Designated FAA Pilot Examiner.  God Speed Terry!

CFI of the Year

Tim Timmons

Cochise College

Ruth Reinhold presented by APA's Jim Timm to

ASAG Member and FAA Safety Team Lead Representative Cary B. Grant

CFI of the Year

Dami O. Coker,

Embry Riddle Aeronautical University,

​Prescott, Arizona

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You can  submit  CFI of the Year,
Maintenance Technician of the Year, 
and FAA Safety Team Representative of the Year to:

​​ The LAST DAY  is November 30, 2019.

Starting in 2017 the Avionics and Maintenance Technicians were combined into one category.

 Airport Safety Award Packages should include:

Airport 5010 Record, description of Airport's accomplishments, ​description of Airport's efforts to enhance safety, 
awards or recognition that the airport has received, and any other pertinent documentation. 

Airport Safety Award nomination packages should be sent to:
Ed Faron
Deer Valley Airport Manager
702 W. Deer Valley Road
Phoenix, Arizona 85027

Nominations for Air Traffic Communicator of the Year should be sent to:
Tina Buskirk
17777 N. Perimeter Dr. Suite 101
Scottsdale, AZ 85255

The Ruth Reinhold Award is presented by the Arizona Pilots Association.

Guest Speaker

Susan Parson,

FAA Flight Standards

​​​The 2018 Awards Banquet was a great success.  Thanks to all of the people at ASAG, the Scottsdale FSDO,  the Arizona FAA Safety Team, the Arizona Pilot's Association, and guest speaker Susan Parson for a superb evening .   Congratulations to all the winners  and we look forward to seeing everyone at the 2019 Award's Banquet January 26 , 2019.  See the flyer and maps below!  It's not too late  to get tickets for this year's banquet.  Click on the Donate link above !  See everyone at ASU Polytechic Campus when we will present this year's winners along with lots of door prizes!

ATC Communicator of the Year

Deer Valley Tower,

Doug Hart Tower Manager,

Phoenix, Arizona

Aviation Technician of the Year

James A. Sorter,

Deer Valley Airport,

Phoenix, Arizona

Guest Speaker Charles Spenilli,

Boeing Aircraft

Arizona Aviation Safety Advisory Group

Mac McClure FAA Safety Team Representative of the Year

Brian Roggo, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University

Time has ran out for nominations!  Time to start thinking about the nominations for 2019



A special Thank You to ASU Polytechnic and the Aviation Department for Sponsoring this Year's Awards Banquet

Aircraft Maintenance Techician of the Year

Jess E. Smith

Director of Maintenance Velocity Air, Tucson, Arizona

The FAA Safety Team Rep of the Year Award has been named in honor of  

Dr. Mac McClure

Mac McClure FAA Safety Team Representative of the Year

Brent Crow, CAE Oxford Aviation Academy,

Mesa, Arizona