Arizona Aviation Safety Advisory Group

The Arizona FAA Safety Team had their annual representative training on April 29, 2017.   A great turn out from all of the reps from throughout the state. One of the items that came out of the training was many of the reps want to know when the local Runway Safety Action Team meetings are scheduled for their airport. If you are not familiar with an RSAT meeting, the local ATC folks for the airport usually run the meeting along with all of the major parties at an airport. The focus of the group are safety issues, primarily on the airside of the terminal, and they try to develop solutions to existing or potential hazards.
Here are the dates we know about:
TUC - May 2, 2017
RYN - May 17, 2017
GEU - May 25, 2017, 0930 - 1130, Glendale Airport Conference Room
FFZ - June 7, 2017
GYR - June 8, 2017
IFP - June 21, 2017
SDL - July 19, 2017, 1000 - 1130, Signature FBO Conference Room, 15290 N 78th Way, Scottsdale, AZ, 85260
IWA - August 15, 2017
GCN - September 6, 2017
CHD - September 7, 2017
DVT - September 13, 2017
Check with the airport manager for the time and place of the meeting if you wish to attend. Most of the meetings run from two to three hours.